Introduction to research computing on the Palmetto cluster


Learners need to be familiar with the unix filesystem, e.g., know what the “root” and “home” directories refer to, and have knowledge of basic shell commands to create and navigate directories (pwd, cd, ls, mkdir). Some experience with a terminal-based text editor (such as nano) is also recommended.


These lessons are based on the Software Carpentry lesson materials, an open source project. Like Software Carpentry, we welcome contributions of all kinds: new lessons, fixes/improvements to existing material, corrections to typos, bug reports, and reviews of proposed changes are all equally welcome. Please see our page on Contributing to get started.

Introduction to research computing on the Palmetto cluster

  1. Introduction
  2. Accessing the Palmetto cluster
  3. Transfering files to and from the cluster
  4. Running your first job
  5. Configuration, .bashrc, and installing software
  6. Running interactive sessions
  7. Submitting batch jobs
  8. Parallelism