JupyterHub for Palmetto Cluster

JupyterHub for Palmetto cluster is a service that enables users to run Jupyter on the Palmetto cluster. Jupyter is a web application that provides an environment for interactive computing, and includes tools such as a file browser, a text editor, and a terminal. Jupyter also lets users create Jupyter Notebooks. Notebooks are rich, interactive documents that can contain live (runnable) code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. These tools help researchers perform, document and share their work more effectively, and help teachers/instructors include more hands-on, interactive elements in their materials.

To get started, log in to See our documentation pages for learning how to use Jupyter for Palmetto cluster. For external resources on Jupyter, and examples of tasks that can be accomplished with Jupyter, see our resources page. Also see our troubleshooting and help pages for troubleshooting problems and getting help.