Optimizing Hadoop MapReduce


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  • Do we just throw compute nodes at big data?

  • Understand data movement during between mapping and reducing

  • Understand the principle of data locality

First optimization approach: Reduce data movement

$ hdfs dfs -rm -r intro-to-hadoop/output-movielens-02
$ mapred streaming -input intro-to-hadoop/movielens/ratings.csv -output intro-to-hadoop/output-movielens-02 -file ./codes/avgRatingMapper04.py -mapper avgRatingMapper04.py -file ./codes/avgRatingReducer01.py -reducer avgRatingReducer01.py -file ./movielens/movies.csv
  • What is being passed from Map to Reduce?
  • Can reducer do the same thing as mapper, that is, to load in external data?
  • If we load external data on the reduce side, do we need to do so on the map side?
$ cat -n codes/avgRatingReducer02.py
$ mapred streaming -input intro-to-hadoop/movielens/ratings.csv -output intro-to-hadoop/output-movielens-03 -file ./codes/avgRatingMapper02.py -mapper avgRatingMapper02.py -file ./codes/avgRatingReducer02.py -reducer avgRatingReducer02.py -file ./movielens/movies.csv

How does the number shuffle bytes in this example compare to the previous example?

Second optimization approach: in-mapper reduction

Find genres which have the highest average ratings over the years

  • Baseline test:
$ cat -n codes/avgGenreMapper01.py
$ cat -n codes/avgGenreReducer01.py
$ mapred streaming -input intro-to-hadoop/movielens/ratings.csv -output intro-to-hadoop/output-movielens-04 -file ./codes/avgGenreMapper01.py -mapper avgGenreMapper01.py -file ./codes/avgGenreReducer01.py -reducer avgGenreReducer01.py -file ./movielens/movies.csv
  • Optimization through in-mapper reduction of Key/Value pairs
$ cat -n codes/avgGenreMapper02.py
$ cat -n codes/avgGenreReducer02.py
$ mapred streaming -input intro-to-hadoop/movielens/ratings.csv -output intro-to-hadoop/output-movielens-05 -file ./codes/avgGenreMapper02.py -mapper avgGenreMapper02.py -file ./codes/avgGenreReducer02.py -reducer avgGenreReducer02.py -file ./movielens/movies.csv

How different are the number of shuffle bytes between the two jobs?

Third optimization approach: combiner function

$ cat -n codes/avgGenreCombiner.py
$ mapred streaming -input intro-to-hadoop/movielens/ratings.csv -output intro-to-hadoop/output-movielens-06 -file ./codes/avgGenreMapper02.py -mapper avgGenreMapper02.py -file ./codes/avgGenreReducer02.py -reducer avgGenreReducer02.py -file ./codes/avgGenreCombiner.py -combiner avgGenreCombiner.py -file ./movielens/movies.csv

Key Points

  • Minimize data size locally before moving data across the network.