• Instructor: Matt Moersen
  • Office Hours: Wednesday Office-hours 8.30am – 11.30am
  • Email: mpmoers AT clemson DOT edu

Workshop Description

The workshop provides the introduction to the Linux Command Line Interface for researchers. Topics will include the file system, file/directory manipulations, redirection and piping, and basic scripting.


No prerequisits are required

Course Outline



Setup Preparing for the course
1. Introducing the Shell What is a command shell?
2. Accessing the Palmetto Cluster How can I access the Palmetto cluster from my local machine?
3. Navigating Files and Directories How can I move around on Palmetto?
How can I see what files and directories I have?
How can I specify the location of a file or directory on my computer?
4. Working With Files and Directories How can I create, copy, and delete files and directories?
How can I edit files?
5. Pipes and Filters How can I combine existing commands to do new things?
6. Finding Things How can I find things in files?

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.