Web-based access to the Palmetto Cluster


Teaching: 15 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • How can I access the Palmetto cluster from a web browser?

  • Logging into Palmetto from a browser.

You can use OpenOD to run certain applications like Jupyter and Tensorflow notebooks, R Studio, and Matlab. Let’s run R Studio. From “Interactive apps”, please select “RStudio server”:

Please fill out the request as shown on this picture:

This is basically a graphical interface to qsub. You are asking for 1 compute node, 5 CPUs, 10 GB of memory, no GPU, 1g interconnect (that is, a c1 node), for the walltime duration of 6 hours. Once you are done entering this information, please click the blue “Launch” button at the bottom. It will bring out a new screen:

This means your request is being processed. Once the compute node is ready, you will see a blue button under your request saying “Connect to RStudio server”:

Click on it, and it will start RStudio.

We won’t go further into R Studio at this workshop, but if you are interested, please attend our “Introduction to R” workshop.

Thank you for your attention!

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