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Step 1. Open OnDemand

Jupyter+Spark app on Open OnDemand

Step 2. Jupyter + Spark app

  • Select the options for the app as described below, then click Launch
    • Number of resource chunks (select): 3
    • CPU cores per chunk (ncpus): 8
    • Amount of memory per chunk (mem): 15gb
    • Number of GPUs per chunk (ngpus): None
    • GPU Model (gpu_model): None
    • Interconnect: 1g - Ethernet older phases 1-6
    • Walltime: 04:00:00
    • Queue: work1
    • Spark version: 3.1.2
    • Anaconda Version: anaconda3/2021.05-gcc/8.3.1
    • Number of workers per node: 1
    • Only launch the driver on the master node.: Check this box.
  • Once the job is ready and the infrastructure is launched, click Connect to Jupyter.

Launch Jupyter Spark Server

Step 3. Getting Workshop Materials

  • Select File/New/Terminal


  • Run the following commands in the terminal
$ cp -R /zfs/citi/spark/myspark .
$ cd myspark
$ ls -l

get myspark